03-05 November, 2017

Are you ready to disrupt the Mining Industry?

Mine.D: Zero Harm – a digitally-inspired hackathon is an initiative brought by the Tshimologong Precinct in collaboration with RIIS to provide solutions and improvements to one of the most important industries in South Africa: mining.

Mine D: Zero Harm seeks to seize opportunities by developing digital approaches created by novel applications of technologies such as Mixed Reality and IoT to address health and safety issues within the mining environment, and extending the lifespan of mines.


What problems are we’re solving?

Scenario 1: A Big Data problem to be announced.

Scenario 2: An IoT problem to be announced.

Scenario 3: A Mixed Reality problem to be announced.


What does the weekend look like?

What’s in it for me?

To be announced


What is the Mine.D Hackathon?

The Hackathon is an event set out for all players in the digital space, including software engineers and architects, innovators, hackers, user experience designers and subject-matter-experts, to collaborate on specific scenarios and develop novel digital solutions to these challenges.

Why was the Mine.D Hackathon initiated?

The Hackathon was initiated to bring digital technology closer to age-old mining processes and to identify ways in which technology can assist, grow and improve not only approaches, but specifically the concept of Zero Harm within health and safety in the mining industry. The Hackathon will also aim to help accelerate the Tshimologong Precinct to become a leading, competent, digital content creation hub for Africa’s youth.

When and where is the Mine.D Hackathon?

The Hackathon event takes place from 3 to 5 November 2017, starting on the Friday at 17:00 and ending on Sunday at 16:00. It’s all going down at the Tshimologong Precinct in Braamfontein, Jozi (wagers.visions.goals – for those of you using what3words)

What prizes will be awarded at the Mine.D Hackathon event?

Prizes to be finalised. Check back soon!

What mentoring will be offered?

There will be industry specialists in IoT, Mixed Reality and Big Data and mining present and information workshops will be held to assist teams with more information and context.

What is the program for the day?

To be confirmed

How much is a ticket for the Mine.D Hackathon?

There is no ticket, it’s absolutely free.

How, where, and when can we register?

Click here

Who can attend the Mine.D Hackathon? Are minors or children allowed?

Anyone can attend, there will be no alcohol served or present so minors above 13 are allowed.

How will payments be facilitated (PayPal, Cash, Bitcoin, etc.)? Is cash allowed?

No payments are required as there will be nothing for sale. There will be food and beverages provided for the participants during the whole event.

What foods and beverages will be provided and when? Will be dietary restrictions considerate?

Refer to the schedule for when foods will be provided. Dietary restrictions will be considered, you can indicate if you have any when you complete your application.

Will there be any networking or social events outside the Hackathon?

None of these will be provided by the event itself however we are not restricting any getting together of participants on their private accord.

Any nearby locations for lunch, dinner or social breaks?

A map of the surroundings will be send to all the participants with indications before the event, but there are plenty of great places in and around Braamfontein to get a bite to eat or hang out!

Does the Mine.D Hackathon have a Code of Conduct?

Yes we do, and it will be sent out to all registered participants.

Where can we report breaches in the Code of Conduct?

Any one of our team facilitators can help you if you’d like to report a breach to our code of conduct. The staff will be wearing special t-shirts so you can identify them easily.

Is there a dress code for the Mine.D Hackathon?

No dress code required. Feel free to be as “suited and tie” or “baggy jeans and t-shirt” as you want to be. However, take note of personal hygiene.

Do I need to bring any electronic devices (computers, tablets, etc.)?

Yes, you need to bring all the gear that you will need to complete the challenge. We will provide plug points and fast internet connection.

Which extra facilities, if any, will be provided for (accommodation, transport, childcare areas, break rooms, safe rooms, etc.)?

The venue has different sections that can be used as break away rooms and workshop rooms. Accommodation and transport are at your own costs. Minors below the age of 13 or minors that require adult supervision should not be invited to the event for their safety and the sanity of hackers.

How will the Hackathon be documented (twitter feed, blog, vlog, etc.)? Can we personally document any activities without copyright issues?

You are welcome to post to social media but please tag us on twitter, intsagram and facebook! Please also refer to the disclaimer for even more detail. Filming other teams’ work without their express permission is not allowed, so please check in with people first.

Any read-ahead materials to help prepare for the topic of the event?

This will be provided to all applicants within a week to the event.

Which disabilities (physical, crutches, wheelchair, intersecting disabilities, etc.) will be provided for?

The building is adequate to receive people with disabilities, either way, we recommend to address individually, any special requirement to our email mine.d@tshimologong.joburg

Will sign language interpretation be available for deaf attendees?

Language interpretations are not provided.

Which gender identities do restrooms cater for?

We have separated restrooms for ladies and gentleman.

Any further questions?

Please forward to mine.d@tshimologong.joburg

Deadline for applications: October 27th, 2017.

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Or contact us at mine.d@tshimologong.joburg

012 012 5112 / 076 412 6536