October 12, 2017

Mine.D Hackathon T&Cs

1. The promoter of the Mine.D Hackathon is the Wits Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct.

2. The competition is open to all individuals currently legally residing in South Africa.

3. Any participant under the age of 18 years must be fully assisted by his/her legal guardian, who must give written consent to the promoter for the participant to take possession of the prize.

4. Employees of the promoters, their associated companies, suppliers, advertising and promotional agencies and their immediate families are not entitled to win the competition.

6. The Steering Committee will appoint a judging panel to evaluate the proposed solutions.

7. At least 80% of the team needs to be present at the pitching for a team to qualify for consideration

8. The recommendations of the judging panel are final.

9. The winners will be selected after a 10min. presentation to the judges, including a Q&A session.

10. The prizes will be to the value of:

First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:

11. The prizes are not exchangeable for cash and are not transferable.

12. The Wits Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct will manage the prize money.

13. Awards will be made to a legal entity with supporting FICA documentation or a duly appointed (in writing) natural person on presentation of written authorization of all team members, as well as up to date FICA documents.

 14. You may pursue more than one idea, but only one idea may receive a prize, if it is submitted by the same team/person/company.

15. Any intellectual property generated by the team or any team member, proposed and introduced by any team member/team, will be wholly and entirely owned by the team.

18. The Mine.D Hackathon is governed by a Wits Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct Steering Committee. Its decisions are final and binding.

19. All members of the Steering Committee and Evaluation Committees and all participants taking part in the workshops and hackathon will sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Wits 

Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct to ensure the protection of ideas. Any ideas submitted by participants will be deemed to be done in strict confidentiality.

20. Participants will be responsible for all personal costs incurred to enter and participate in the Mine.D. Hackathon, the organizers, partners, members of the committees and Project Manager will not be responsible or liable for any costs incurred by participants as part of this hackathon.

21. The promoter and its partners will in no way be bound to procure any products and/or services. Any procurement contract entered into will be by the sole discretion of the Steering Committee and Wits Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct management.

22. The Promoters reserve the right to use the images taken of the winner or staff for publicity purposes in any manner they deem fit, without any further remuneration being made payable to the winner.


1. The participant confirms that he/she has the rights to the idea and all the intellectual property therein that is entered. The applicant is not aware of, or has disclosed to RC the details of, any dispute regarding ownership of the intellectual property upon entering the competition.

2. The participant therefore indemnifies the project manager, the Mine.D Hackathon and Wits Incubator Pty (Ltd) t/a Tshimologong Precinct against any third party claims regarding stolen IP.

3. Should any 3rd party claim be brought against these parties, it will have the discretion to disqualify the participant should it be confirmed that the intellectual property entered into the hackathon does not belong to the participant. In the event of a any grant or prize money paid out to the participant, the same amount must be paid back with immediate effect.

4. No obligation lies with all the parties governing this hackathon to verify or validate the authenticity of entrants’ ideas.